1 Day Wine Tasting and History Tour

Day tour in Berat and archaeological site of Apollonia including the wine tasting Experience.

This is one day tour concentrated in historical sightseeing of three city's in Albania. If you have one free day in Tirana , you can join this tour for e better introduction of albania tradition and history and also winte tasting.

Starting from Tirana you will visit the famous archaeological site of Apollonia and continue to the famous city of 1001 windows (Berat). During the lunch time you will have a wonderful experience of a very nice, local wine.


First part of the tour in Apollonia.  Archaeological site.

First part of the tour after meeting with your guide and driver you will be visiting the city Tirane which is the main capital of Albania , you will have a nice walk in the boulevard and discovering the main attractions of this city. After the visit you will depart to Fieri (which is the city near by with the Archaeological site of Apolonia) . The trip to Apollonian will be interesting passing by Durres and you will have good introduction from the guide. Below you can read a short history of

Apollonia archaeological park

After the visit depart to Berat city.

By  the time you arrive in Berat it will be the time for lunch. you will have one very tasteful lunch in a very traditional restaurant in Berat followed by a 

typical wine tasting experience of this area.

You will visit the most interesting attractions in Berat like the Mangalemi neighborhood which is famous because the way its build and the typical architecture (the city of 1001 windows). 

Visit Berati Fortress which is big and influenced by a lot of cultures (the byzantine empire).

Berati : The city’s life began in the 6th-5th century B.C. as an Illyrian settlement. Later, in the 3rd century B.C., it was turned into a castle city known as Antipatrea. The castle expanded afterward, particularly during the feudal dominion of the Muzakaj family. Inside the castle, they built churches with valuable frescoes and icons, and also a calligraphy school. Uniquely today, residents still live inside of the castle walls. The three major neighborhoods of the old city are Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala, where the castle itself is located​​.

After the visit and free time you will be transferred back to Tirana.


We will visit this tow historical towns in one day.

Thank you.

The end of our service.


Price and Information

This Tour is Offered as a Private Tour. If you are interested to have one tour like this please go at the bottom of the page  for Submit, Fill your contact form with information like : The Number of people that want to be a part of the group, the date departure and you address or any other info we need to know in advance. Feel free to ask question for whatever you need to know in Advance. Once we have you information we can quote the price and send it back to you (the price is lower if more people are coming).

This tour its a bit more expensive then the one before this one because it includes also the wine tasting a lunch ,

can be done any day of the year according to your need. For this kind of tour (private tour we offer pick up transfers from other cities like Durres , Saranda , Potgorica etc , (the price will change if the pick-up is outside of Tirane.)

Payment Options: We accept bank transfers, PayPal and we have a debit terminal/POS available at our office in Tirane, or cash if required.

The price includes:

  • Fuel and AC car rental

  • Wine Tasting and Lunch

  • All expenses for professional guide/driver

  • Entrance fees at the suggested sites

  • VAT tax

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