Saranda (Albania) 

1. How to go


There are many different buses which travel directly to Sarande from other cities in Albania and locations in the neighboring countries.

-Via SH8, the road that runs along the Albanian coast
-Via the road leading north from Konispol (a town close to the Southern border with Greece)
-Via SH4, the road leading west from Kakavia (Kakavia is a border town which lies on the -South-Eastern Greek-Albanian border)

- Via Ferry from Corfu Island,(Tow times per day)

2. Culture Values


Saranda,the south Albanian seaport is located on a natural shelf facing the island of Corfu. There are daily ships that deepart connecting Saranda with this Greek island. Saranda's name originates from "the Forty Saints"an old Christian Monastery (Saranda means "Forty" in Greek. The ruins of the monastery lay in Qafa e Gjashtës, near the city entrance. In the center of the city stand the ruins of the ancient city of Onhezmi destroyed in the 5th century. The sea panorama, the variety of flora, characterized by a Mediterranean climate make Saranda one of the most attractive tourist towns to visit.
3. What to do

Saranda’s main beach is a horseshoe bay with a mix of sand and pebbles next to calm blue Ionian waters. The beach is public and brings you all the facilities of a European seaside getaway. You can hire paddle boats by the shore, sunbeds are provided, and the beach is skirted by a promenade. This walkway is fringed with lush palm trees that shelter ice-cream carts and pop-up bars selling their wares in the summer. If hunger strikes you can cross the road behind the promenade for a sit-down lunch at Saranda’s choice of front row cafes and seafood restaurants. 

You should visit:

-Ksamil beach

-Lëkursi Castle

-The Blue Eye

-Dhërmi beach



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