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Why You Should Visit Albania After Covid-19 ?

Updated: Apr 25

I have had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world: France, Germany, Turkey, Greece and Croatia. There is something magical about the journey: It is a piece of paradise that God has given us to make us happy and teach that we cannot always stay in one place because the eye and the soul need to be nourished. The love of traveling begins with choosing a destination, booking a travel ticket, packing the luggage, and leaning on the seat of a plane as you look at the cotton clouds above the sky.

Turkey has beautiful places to visit, confectionery shops, spice markets and lively showcases. France has fashion, the giant Disneyland park, the beautiful Eiffel Tower and the showcases of delicious sweets. Germany has a very advanced economy and cultural development, it has greenery landscapes and security, but no country has what Albania has: Generosity and the Strength to move forward. Albanians are devoted people, hardworking, lovely and faithful. Albanians have always been considered the most beloved and loyal people in the Balkan.

I adore my people and my country, especially during these difficult days that we are going through because of Covid-19, we are showing to the world how united and strong we are as a country to overcome every obstacle and difficulty. We are a country model for the way we are facing the difficulties and obeying to the Prime Minister's rules.

Below I invite you to read the reasons why you should visit Albania right away after Covid -19. You will fall in love with Albania.

1. Get to know the hard history of Albania

Forget about the myths and bad opinions that you may have heard about Albania.

The truth is that Albania has suffered a lot and still stands proud and strong.

Going back, Albania has been a "muse" and a favorable, strategic land for many empires and countries due to its location. We are located in the heart of Balkan and Southeast Europe, surrounded by magical mountains, Adriatic Sea in the Northwest and the Ionian Sea in the Southwest, situated next to Greece and Italy no doubt we have made jealous many countries. The first tribe that landed in Albania were Illyrians. Roman Empire and later the Byzantine took Albania. In 1300s, was part and in invasion of Ottoman Empire. Much of the country's population converted to Islam during this time. However in 1400s the Albanians managed to gain independence when our national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu fought towards Ottomans. Ottomans after a while tool back control of Albania.

During world war II Albania was in invasion by both Germany and Italy. After the war the communist party lead by Enver Hoxha, took over. The country remained under communist rule for 40 years until the death of Enver Hoxha and finally it would have democratic elections in 1992.

The Albanians fought for their independence several times over the course of history. They achieved it briefly a few times, but finally became a nationally recognized country in the early 1900s.

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2. You will never find a place as Generous and "Babaxhan", as Albania.

As I said before, I have traveled to many countries abroad but my heart belongs to Albania. Starting from lovely grandmothers and ladies that prepare delicious foods with love and passion, to the warming, welcoming and gentle faces of Albanians. People are "Babaxhan" which means benevolent, they will host you with happiness, host you foods without any costs and Raki- our traditional alcoholic drink. They will always support and be there for you when you'll need anything because we know what it means to be in need, we have gone through it many times specially when we wanted to have support by many countries but no one supported us. We have been always left alone.

It's true we are not a rich country but we have a big heart. We will always support and be there for you, smiling at you even if we have many problems and a difficult past-history because we are Albanians. We care for people.

3. The fantastic climate

Due to it's favorable situation in a zone with the Mediterranean climate. Albania is characterized by hot summer, bright sunny days, generally mild winter and abundant rainfalls. The period from June to September is hot while from October to May it is cool and wet. People from Scandinavian regions are jealous for our climate: Sun shines in 4 seasons (In winter, spring, summer and autumn). We are lucky to live in a sunny place with few rain drops during the year. That's why Albanian are happy people sun is in our favour.

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4. An ever - ending experience with Culinary

Albania has a fantastic cuisine. The climate conditions of Albania and a good tradition has made possible that diary products are an important commodity for trade especially cheese. Albanian gastronomy is excellent, rich, fresh and tasty. You can eat gorgeous dishes in excellent restaurants as well as food streets. Some of our traditional foods are : Byrek, Fërgesë, Tavë Kosi, Speca me Gjizë, Fried Kaçkavall, Bakllava, Qofte, Fish, Grilled meat and other traditional foods that will make you fall in love.

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5. Relaxing nature and beaches

Albania is an excellent place for nature lovers. If you're a hiker, you'll have to hit up the north of the country. The mountain views here rival the Alps, with stunning panoramas and cute villages. The Theth to Valbonë hike is one of the most popular day hikes, with small guesthouses you can stay in at either end. If you're nature lover you'll have a nice walk through the woods, nature parks full of green space ( Dajti National Park, Llogara, Divjaka , Artificial lake park and Thethi park. If you are beach lover coastline is all yours from Adriatic sea to Ionian sea.

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6. Amazing places to visit

Albania has wonderful places to visit from North to South. You will have the chance of visiting as many places as you'll want with our amazing tours (romantic, historical relaxing, adventure tours, culinary tours). You can see many different tour programs in our website. Village life in Albania has remained largely unchanged, and a lot of villagers have turned their homes into guesthouses where tourists can come and stay & eat with them. There are nice & quiet places such as Berat, Pogradec, Permet city.

So...I said it all. After Covid-19 has end book your ticket flight to Albania. Wonderful destinations are waiting for you!

Thank you for choosing us! ©ENJOY Travel & Tours

Posted by: Krisi Sula

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