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What sets our Airbnb experience apart? Meet our Airbnb apartaments.

Airbnb is one of the most enjoyable experience you'll have when you visit a new place.

Experiences tell the story of the host’s unique perspective and passion, whether it’s their love of street food, or the history of their neighborhood.

What makes our Airbnb experience different from other hosts is passion, dedication, hospitaly and service quality.

We offer two apartaments in Albania:

One in the city of Durrës and one in the center of Tirana.

The name of the host is Genci Minarolli. Genci is the administrator of the two apartaments and at the same time tour guide. He will share with you stories & his own experiences. Genci knows French & English very well.

With him you will have the opportunity to discover Tirana, Durrës and other cities if you like. He will suggest to you the top places where to eat like a local and the top destinations of Albania. With him, you will have a wonderful journey!

The apartament in Tirana, Albania offers you:

The apartament is located in the center of Tirana, 2- 3 minute walk from Skanderbeg square. Although it is positioned in the center of Tirana, the neighborhood is very quite. Near the apartament, you can find different stores : coffee shops, grocery markets, supermarkets, bus line & taxes, clothes & shoes store, ATM, Exhanges, and banks.

The apartament is very cozy and neat. The kitchen is equipped with all the utensils, furnitures and devices that you will need. If you are a book lover, you will find a small shelf with many books to read. There is also a piano room where you can play some good music. The interior is traditional and you will feel like an Albanian.




The apartament in Durres, Albania offers you:

The apartament in Durres is located in the heart of the beach. It is placed in the 2nd floor. The apartament is made of 1 living room, 1 bedroom, balcony, 1 bathroom and the hall. The furnitures and the interior inside, is made mostly of wooden decor. The kitchen utensils are traditional and unique.



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