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Travel into history - A visit to the city of Kruja

Kruja is one of the most important & oldest cities of Albania. This city is related with the name of Gjergj Kastriot Scanderbeg, our national hero. Of great interest, the Scanderbeg Castle and its museum designed as an ancient fortress. You can buy souvenirs and locally made handcrafts in the famous old Bazaar of Kruja and enjoy traditional food of this region.

Your itinerary

Day 1. Airport - Kruja

Day 2. Tirana -Kruja

Day 3. Durrës - Petrela - Tirana

Day 4. Transfer to Mother Teresa

"This tour can be one day tour or 1 week tour, based on your request. If you want you can visit only Tirana and Kruja city."

Day 1 - Meet your guide and explore Tirana

This is your first day of your journey in Albania. You will meet and assist with your tour guide at Tirana airport and transfer to the hotel. The owner of the hotel will host you with local drinks like beer and Raki – a traditional drink in Albania which is made from fermented grapes. Leave the hotel for sightseeing in Tirana. Visit the National historical museum that symbolizes the century old history of Albania, The National Theatre of Opera & Ballet, the government building, proceeding to "New Bazaar"- Pazari i ri, where you can eat lunch in a traditional restaurant nearby.

Dinner and overnight at International hotel in Tirana.

Day 2 - Visit the historical city of Kruja

Morning departure for the historical city of Kruja, inhabited since the 3d century B.C. Start your day with a nice, traditional Turkish coffee at Hotel Panorama, a fantastic hotel in the center of this city. Relax a little bit while enjoying the beautiful view up from the restaurant.

Museum of Gjergj Kastriot Scanderbeg

Then, after relaxation you will visit the museum of Gjergj Kastriot Scanderbeg, our national hero. Of great interest is the symbol of the goat's head on Scanderbeg helmet. His helmet carryies a goat, a symbol borrowed from Pyrrhus of Epirus and Alexander the Great legends. It is in white metal with a belt (ruban) in gold wash.

Skanderbeg horse is another symbol that has accompanied the hero. According to Barletius, the horse was white, a choosen breed. After the death of Skanderbeg, the horse refused to be ridden by another man and died.

Then visit the Ethnographic Museum, built in 1764. The museum is in a lovely old house built in 1764 which belonged to one of the wealthy families living in the castle. It is set in a walled courtyard with two gateways. It is a typical Ottoman style house with storage rooms on the ground floor and with the living quarters above. Most of the items are original.

Ethnografic Museum

Ethnographic Museum inside

You live Kruja by visiting the famous Bazaar with its characteristic wooden shops, wool carpets, wooden - made objects, handcraft pots and clothes.

Old Bazaar of Kruja

You live Kruja by visiting the famous Bazaar with its characteristic wooden shops, wool carpets, wooden - made objects, handcraft pots and clothes.

Have lunch at a traditional restaurant.

Dinner and overnight at Hotel Panorama in Kruja.

Day 3- Durrës - Petrela - Tirana

Leave the hotel and visit Durrës, the ancient city founded in 627 B.C. Visit the fortress of the city, the largest Amphitheatre with the form of an ellipse. Located in Arapaja, a southeastern suburb of Durres, are the ruins of St. Michael’s Basilica, a palaeo-Christian church from 400 AD.

The basilica was rediscovered during an archaeological dig in 1974, when several remarkable features were unearthed.Close to the forum are Durres’ Roman thermal baths, which were discovered along with the amphitheatre in the 1960s. What remains is a hypocaust and a pool five metres by seven. Afterward drive to Tirana.

Late in the Afternoon visit Petrela village with its fortress.

Dinner and overnight at the International hotel in Tirana.

Day 4- Transfer to Mother Teresa airport for homebound flight.

This is the end of your historical trip.

We hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for choosing us!

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