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Traditional Food to try in Albania - Tavë Kosi

The recipe that we will share today is a traditional food that you should try while staying at home.

The origin of "Tavë Kosi" recipe was born in the city of Elbasan. This recipe is based on yogurt (Kos) and meat (it can be chicken or lamb). It is even said that Tava e Kosit, was Ismail Qemali's favorite dish. Legend says that on the eve of the days of the declaration of independence, when Ismail Qemali arrived in Vlora in 1912, he asked to be cooked the real yogurt casserole of Elbasan. From that day on, many Albanian families, especially in the surrounding areas, cook Tava e Elbasanit as part of traditional cooking for Independence Day.

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Follow the ingredients :

700 grams of fresh lamb (or chicken) 150 grams of butter 3 fresh egg yolks 750 ml of fresh yogurt 2 tablespoons flour A tea cup of rice Salt Pepper

Preparation of Tavë Kosi:

For this recipe you can choose lamb or chicken meat. It depends on your taste. My mother always has used chicken because lamb has a strong taste but still is tastes wonderful when you add some peppers.

First thing you should do is to clean the chicken. Thoroughly clean it with plenty of fresh water and cut into big parts. Then fill a pot of fresh water and put the pieces of chicken into the pot. Let the chicken boil in medium heat, until the blood thickens. After chicken is boiled, set aside to cool.

Then, in a big bowl, add 3 eggs and mix them with a wooden spoon until it gets a homogeneous mass, you add the yogurt and the cup of rice. Try it if it needs more salt.

Bring the chicken broth in medium heat again by adding 2 tablespoons of flour. Mix it quickly until you have a thick mass. Leave the mass get cool and when its done, add the compounds that are in the bowl.

Grease the pan with a little butter adding first the chicken parts and then the mixation.

We bake it in 200 Grades for 30 minutes.

Advice: Check it from time to time until pan is baked and the surface has taken a golden color.

You can accompany it with red wine.


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