The Old "Kanuni constitution" in Albania

Updated: May 17

Northern Part of Albania is one of the most ancient regions not only in Albania but also in the western part of Balkan Peninsula. There are a lot of ancient legends that take place in this area which is surrounded by high mountains, flowing rivers , savage nature and amazing landscape.

This area is as beautiful and appealing, as it is mysterious and enigmatic. Old warriors have fought in these areas defending their territory for centuries.

All the different armies that have come to this area have found it difficult to penetrate, not only because of the very wild and mountainous terrain but also because the wild warriors who attacked from unexpected places (as they knew the terrain well).

This region is known like “The Lek Dukagjini region”, the “Mountains castle” impossible to conquer. Since the 13th - 14th centuries, only one type of civilization has lived in this area, protecting their and traditions with sacrifice and blood. They lived when the whole Balkan region was invaded by the savage Ottoman Empire, They lived according to their strict rules, they were “Wolf people” who could survive in any climate or situation, their descendants continue to live in the same provinces even today that this area is open for visitors.

The Importance of The "Kanun Law"

In that delicate and very dangerous period for the Albanian people and nation, Lekë Dukagjini with his initiative, unite the wisest men of the northern Albanian territories. Unity in an assembly, in which the centuries-old traditions, and from those thoughts and evaluations the best and the most right to unite in a single good were chosen. national, which would be called: The Kanun of lek Dukagjini.

The name Kanun, as explained by Father Gjergj Fishta (Famous Albanian Writer), means “The justice” in old Ilirian Language, as well as for what is a simple man and without any presence in society. So the Kanun would judge the guilty equally and would give the same innocence to the righteous, the innocent.

After those long assemblies, of the mountain elders, Dukagjini, and other provinces, Lekë Dukagjini after collecting the thoughts of the entire Albanian elders everywhere.

From that moment on, when the Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini came out, the Ottoman occupation would not only face the armed resistance of the Albanian people, but also the moral power that the Kanun itself gave to all Albanians with its own codes.

So they were given that spiritual support, unity and brotherhood, purity and trust between each other, extinguishing the quarrels and confusions between the Albanian brothers. It was therefore given a perfection in the motivation of life itself in all respects, I added care and sensitivity to the evils and injustices ...

American law kills a man when he takes the life of another ...So Clinton hisself has stated that the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini has a similar foundation to the American constitution regarding the protection of human life, "For God, the Religion of the Homeland"!

The Kanun has never harmed either the Northern or the Southern of Albania, but it has saved them from assimilation under the Ottoman Empire, it has saved the Albanians from losing the Albanian language and traditions.

The interesting thing is that all the attackers and invaders of the Albanian Nation, the first gene that tried to destroy us, was the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini, especially after the 15th century, and before that was the attempt to destroy our culture, Albanian national traditions. ... so did communism. (from 1945 until 1989)

If you want to be a man with human morality and Albanian manliness and nobility, respect the freedom and the right of the other as you would like others to respect you!

It is the basis of the biblical foundation of the Kanun.

The Kanun is the Albanian Bible, the holiest work of the Albanian nation!

The Kanun is the required rule, the law that must be applied, when the laws do not work, or have become deliberately soft to tolerate criminals , then the Kanun enters automatically where it protects the individual, the family, the society of the nation. The Kanun has been and is the savior of the Albanian nation in the periods of foreign invasions, it’s a symbol of Albanian Culture which is interesting to discover learn.

Nowdays the region of Kanuni (northern part of Albanian country) is getting famous because of its history & tradition , amazing landscapes, biodiversity and hiking routs. You can Visit it and get a life experience of this one of a kind place in the world.

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