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Its Time For A Picnic In Nature (Green Tours)

Updated: May 19

Saturdays and Sundays are made to be spent with our lovers, family and friends.

Covid-19 taught us the importance of nature. In our free time and during weekends we should gather and have nice, outdoor activities in nature. For the past 3 months we have been isolated and having some nice outdoor activities would be a good idea since parks are now open. It may be hiking in nature, exploring a village, climbing a mountain, cycling or having a perfect picnic. For today we choose to have a small picnic tour with you in nature. Will you be our guest ?

Usually, for the 14th of March, which is called "Summer Day", people gather together at artificial lake in Tirana and have picnics in the fields. Since we are focused in nature tours for those past 3 months, we thought of including in every tour that you will have a picnic day in nature with your guide. You can have it in different cities of Albania based on your request but for today we choose Tirana city.

Picnic day in Tirana park

You will get up early in the morning and depart to our lovely and green park in Tirana, at the artificial lake park. Artificial Lake Park is the largest green massif in the city of Tirana and the main park for outdoor activities for all ages. If you have kids they will enjoy playing outside in the field. This activity improves mental health.

You don't need too much for a picnic : Homemade sandwiches, fruit juice, a basket, a floral tablecloth, sunscreen, your camera and your lovers. If you like music one of you can bring in a musical instrument such as a guitar. You can dance, sing and play different games.

Spending some time outdoors is good for the anxiety accumulated in city life. It relieves stress, under the bright rays of the sun, with the healthy foods you take with you. Escape from electronic devices. Sit on the grass, walk barefoot, drink with plastic cups, open a camping tent, the kids have a lot of fun. While enjoying your snacks on the grass you can walk around and have some nice pictures through lake.

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With us you stay healthy!

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Posted by: Krisi Sula

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