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Staying productive in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 5

I never thought that I would find myself isolated from society and my beloved people so unexpected. Although, now I think that working from home is not as bad as I thought it would be. I've always enjoyed sunny days, long walks along the lake for fresh air, doing the groceries and going at work. Since Albania is now "fighting" with Coronavirus, everyone is obligated to stay home and obey the rules.

But how to stay productive in Quarantine ?

Below I will show you 8 productive ways to spend time while you stay isolated in Quarantine.

1. Stay focused on your goals

My goal for this year was to work hard so I could travel as many places as possible. I still keep my goals clear. Although being isolated, I work from home everyday on my laptop. Stay motivated.

2. Think positive

Always think that nothing is permanent. The economy will rise again, travel agencies will advance and people will travel again. Think about your last trip; the memories you made there, the sites you visited, people you met and experiences you got. We love seeing happy and optimistic faces. Think positive. You will be able to travel again, very soon.

3. Come with amazing ideas

While being isolated at home for more than 7 days now, I realized I should do something for my clients. How to make them happier and attached to our activities even in bad situations. These days I have been working on my blog, planning new events and trips for our beloved ones. We love getting nice feedbacks and getting in touch with them. New ideas are on our way. Stay tuned!

4. Read Read Read Read

The only reason why I love being home is because now I feel like I have more free time to read. I've always been a book lover. I have dedicated my childhood to books. When you start working, you feel like you are giving up on your passions. But staying home these days, reminded me that a list of nice books are waiting for me. Read a lot; magazines, newspapers, online blogs, travel magazines or different kind of books. It's healthy for your mind but also it will keep you busy.

5. Start a new hobby

It may be cooking. It may be painting. It may be learning a new instrument. It may be traveling or sewing.

I love cooking and traveling. But these days I realized I have another passion. Writing. Everyday, I make sure to write short notes or short stories in my diary. What is your passion? You can find it out now.

6. Plan your next Holiday

We are only a few months apart from Summer.

I love the sound of waves, sandy beaches and freshness lakes.

Last summer I visited the city of Pogradec, Albania. Believe me, I had the best summer ever. The calmness of the lake, the beautiful sunset view, the delicious restaurants, the characteristic of buildings, the cool evenings while drinking and laughing with friends, those were the best days. Albania has the most beautiful and relaxing places for summer days. I can't wait till May. So what are you waiting? Plan your trip now. All the family members are there so you can get their opinion.

7. Create your own blog

If cooking is your passion, try a cooking blog. If traveling is your passion try a travel blog. Pick up your best photos and write down your best experiences. Believe me, you will really like working on your new blog. It will keep you busy and very productive.

8. Stay healthy and fit

I know it's not easy. But we should take care of our beloved people by staying home so we can hug and kiss them tomorrow. We all should stay today home so we can travel tomorrow. Beautiful things await us!

Drink hot juices and water, eat healthy meals and do exercises at home. Watch tutorial exercises and read cooking blogs for healthy meals during your isolation. Try eating healthy foods and skip junk foods. We need to be productive and stay healthy. Treat yourself well these days. Remember that!

Tomorrow will be a new day. Stay safe, stay home until then.

We stay home today, to travel together tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

Posted by: Krisi Sula

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