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How safe is Albania ?

Many of our foreign friends and colleagues who live abroad, ask how safe Albania is.

To them, Albania is a new destination, unknown and unheard before. We always tell them that Albania is much more beautiful, greener and friendly place, than people usually expect.

In our blog, we will show to you why traveling in Albania is the best decision to take!

Albania is a small country, situated in the Southeastern of Europe, bordering with Montenegro and Kosovo to the North, to the Northeastern with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and with the Greece to the Southeast; to Southwest with Italy. To the West and Southwest are the Adriatic and Ionian seas.

The population of Albania is about 3 million people.

Albania is within three hours flying time of the most major European cities. The capital city of Albania is Tirana. Tirana is a colorful city, known for its hospitality, green nature, tasty cuisine, beautiful parks, ancient towns and castles. Locals are friendly, not only in Tirana but in every city of Albania they show respect and gratitude towards tourists. Albania has amazing beaches from Adriatic sea to Ionian coastline and due to its panoramic view and geographical position in the hills, mountains, lakes and seas you can have many adventure tours around Albania.


How safe is Albania for Travel?

Streets - Albania is a safe country to travel. Roads are safe (specially for women who travel solo), people are nice and friendly. You won't see in streets drunk people that behave impolitely or show aggressive behavior towards vendors or tourists because people are well - educated. You may notice many homeless people along the pavements but they do not harm, they just ask for money or food.

But in any case, if you are traveling alone at night avoid remote areas just for your safety.

Crimes - In the main cities of Albania : Vlora, Durrës, Tirana, Kruja, Shkodra, crimes are low, they barely exist because these cities and other cities not mentioned above are guarded 24 hour by police officers. During summer season you may notice that touristic cities are controlled by policemen. People are quiet and there are no major issues.

Bus transport & Taxis - Urban transport is a bit noisy and overpopulated but it is safe to travel with bus. You should be careful of pickpockets because when there are many people on the bus, they can steal your wallet or phone. This happens in every country around the world. Pickpockets are inevitable. Taxis on the other hand are very serious and it's always safe to depend on them when you want to move from a place to another.

Pickpockets Thiefs - The chance of pickpockets is very low, because Albanian don't steal in streets. Even when you are using public transportation the chances are low. Barely have we heard about people getting involved in pick-pocketing. But you should always be careful. Keep your bag and wallet always in front of you and your phone on the front pocket because once you lose it in the public transportation you won't get it back. You should be vigilant and careful in any case.

Natural Disaster - Because we are a seismic country, once in 3-4 years, take place light earthquakes but they don't do any harm. Houses in Albania are very strong and they resist earthquakes. No need to panic.

Fraud Risk - For your safety it's better to buy things at supermarkets or malls. Don't make a deal with sellers on streets like selling watches or sim cards to you because they will get your money and the quality of your product will be low. So try to avoid street vendors and check your change twice. Your tour guide can suggest you some nice places for shopping.

CreditCards - You should be careful when you put your PIN inside the ATM machine. Credit card fraud is not an issue in Albania but you should always be careful and vigilant by not letting your credit card out of your sight. You never know who is watching you behind your shoulders.

Passport & ID - Make sure to put them in a safe place inside your bag so you won't lose you Passport or ID because it will be hard to find it if you accidental lost it.

So as you can see Albania is a safe country to travel. You will have a great in our country. By following our advices and your tour guide, you'll have an enjoyable trip to Albania. It makes the best place for traveling solo (women) or in groups.

Thank you for choosing us!

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