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Honey Tour Experience

Updated: Apr 12

This is a special tour, designed for tourists who love experiencing and tasting new products. We invite you to visit our lovely and beautiful country, Albania.

Albania is well - known for its traditions, history, art and culture, picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches and alluring nature, but mostly, is known as an agricultural country where cuisine stays on top of things. Albanian cuisine features organic products where farmers plant the seeds on the big, green fields and take care of their growth.

In this tour we will invite you to discover together how to harvest honey in Albania. This tour can be shorter, depending on your request.

Follow your itinerary

Day 1 - Airport - Tirana

Day 2- Tirana

Day 3 - Tirana - Pogradec

Day 4- Pogradec - Korça

Day 5 - Korça - Përmet

Day 6- Përmet -Durrës

Day 7 - Durrës - Tirana - Airport


Ready to start your Honey Tour ?

Day 1 - The artificial lake Tirana & Petrelë castle

Welcome in Tirana!

Our great, tour guide Genc, will meet and assist you at "Mother Teresa" airport. In the first day, you will visit one of the most beautiful parks in Tirana and the ancient Petrelë castle.

You will visit the Scanderbeg square, the main boulevard, the Opera and Ballet, the National Historical Museum, the art of gallery and the pedonale.

Late in the afternoon, you will visit the Artificial lake park near Tirana which is the main attraction and the biggest park in Tirana. After having a nice walk in the park you will visit Petrelë castle, which is 30 minutes far from Tirana.

The Petrelë castle is one of the most beautiful and picturesque castles in Albania.

You'll have dinner at inside Petrelë castle. In the evening, visit Pazari i ri, in the center of the city. You can buy handmade souvenirs and organic products from farmer's, small markets.

Dinner and overnight in Tirana.

Day 2- Dajti Mountain and ShënGjergj village, Tirana

In the second day of your tour, you will depart to, two panoramic and amusing villages in Tirana region. You will visit today Dajti Mountain and Shëngjergj village and have a small, picnic lunch.

You need to have with you a small backpack, hiking sneakers, a bottle of water, small lunch packets and swimsuits. The bus and your guide will wait for you in the entrance of the hotel.

Dajti is a mountain and national park in Tirana region, well - known for its beauty nature, alluring mountain, greeny and floral fields surrounding the park and for the organic products of this region.

After passing Dajti park, you will depart to Shëngjergj, which is 1-hour drive away from Tirana. You'll pass Farkë, Surrel and Shkallë. The nature is amazing so you can stop for photo breaks. Arrive in Shëngjergj, you will start some light hiking towards the Shëngjergj's waterfall. The water is crystal-clear and very cold. If you want, you can swim in the waterfall and have some nice photo shots.

You'll have a nice picnic on Shëngjergj's floral field, where you can play nice games, tell stories and eat your lunch packets.

Dinner and overnight in Tirana

Day 3 - Visit of Pogradec city

In the third day, you will visit another beautiful, cultural, panoramic and historical city, Pogradec. You will visit Lin village on the way to Pogradec and with your arrival in the city, you'll visit Tushemisht and Drilon, two exquisite villages.

Pogradec is a small town on the east of Albania on the shores of Ohrid lake. It is well -known for its hospitality, friendly people, typical houses that are one or two floor, beautiful lake - a lake with a rich ecosystem of worldwide.

Usually, Pogradec is known for its very quiet lake and romantic atmosphere . The cuisine is fantastic. You will have the chance of visiting traditional restaurants and tasting delicious foods, buying organic products from farmers in Tushemisht village, 15 minutes from the center.

It's a colorful city, with a nice combination of modern and tradition.

You'll have lunch in Tushemisht, relax by the lake and if you like, have a boat ride to Drilon lake.

Dinner and overnight in Pogradec.

Day 4 - Visit Korça city (HONEY DAY)

This is the day, where you'll have your Honey Tour. You we'll leave the hotel and depart to Korça city. Korça is 1-hour drive away from Pogradec.

Situated in the east of Albania, Korça offers you magnificent villages, festivals and activities. It is known as "Little Paris" because it resembles Paris, France from its culture, villas, cuisine and lifestyle.

With arrival, you will visit the main sites in the city and depart to "Morava" farm where we will have our Honey Tour.

You will be hosted by the owner. He will take us on a trip to the farm, showing us the colorful boxes where they keep the bees and the fabric that harvest the honey. You'll taste the honey of this region and if you'll like it you can buy a small jar oh organic & local honey. Of course you will have your free time to enjoy the place

After the tour, you'll have lunch at a traditional restaurant.

In the evening you will visit the Pazar (Bazzar) where you can buy traditional & handmade souvenirs.

Dinner and overnight in Korça.

Day 5 - The stone city of Përmet

Your next destination will be the city of Përmet.

This day you will pass by the most natural region of Albania, you will have nice stops on the way, Making some amassing pictures and enjoying the colorful colors

Përmet is a small city in the southeastern of Albania. It is known as the city of stone because of its legend that says this city was built drom the stones :

"It's God's stone. It came as a gift from heaven to give the city its name. Whoever believes in legends, let him read the story. The chief of the Prendi province, who gave the city its name, had built a castle on the City Stone. Today the castle is flattened. There are walls left, evidence of legend. It was the end of the 14th century".

Përmet is known as the city of roses because the fields are filled with red & colorful roses and as the city of folk music and traditional homemade jars

( cherry, plumps, watermelon etc).

In Përmet you will visit Benja Thermal Baths where you can relax. The Vjosa river crosses the entire valley and eventually branches into the Langarica river - the latter extending through a canyon of the same name. The caves of Langarica canyon are truly a sight to behold!

Picnic Lunch in the Canyon of Langarica

Dinner and overnight in Përmet.

Day 6 - Visit the Seaside, Durrës

This is your last day of your trip and we make sure that in the last day you'll have an amazing experience. You will leave the Stone city for the Seaside.

By the afternoon you will arrive in National Park of Karavastas which is one of the most insetting parks in Albania , very interesting vegetation, a very large beach and the different type of Pelikan.

You will have fish lunch in the park

Durrës is located in the southestern of Adriatic Sea, Albania. Durrës is the largest and the main port in Albania. Each year, this city welcomes many tourists from different states around the world.

The city of Durrës is well-known for its ancient history, historical sites, sandy beaches, seaport, friendly locals, great service, amazing restaurants and vivid, bars cafes.

Durrës, makes the ideal place for relaxation, away from noises and daily routine.

You can relax by the seaside. Lunch at a nice restaurant that serves seafood.

Dinner and overnight in Durrës.


This is the day where you leave Albania for your home bound flight.

And the end of our service.

It's a pleasure having you in Albania.


Stay tuned!

Thank you for choosing us!

Posted by: Krisi Sula

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