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Updated: May 17

In this blog post we will give you a nice experience of one of the best tours that we can organize. This tour is a short introduction of three cities like: Tirana, Kruja and Shkodra, which are located in the center and the Northern part of Albania. During this trip you will enjoy the ancient history of Albania, traditional meals, stunning and panoramic views and meeting locals.


This tour will start from the capital city of Albania which is Tirana (or depending on your request). After meeting your driver and guide, you will start your tour and enjoy the most interesting places in the city of Tirana. Starting from Skenderbeu square and the main Boulevard to Mother Theresa square, you will get to know a lot from this positive and vivid city.

Lively, colorful Tirana is where this tiny nation's hopes and dreams coalesce into a vibrant whirl of traffic, brash consumerism and unfettered fun. Having undergone a transformation of extraordinary proportions since awaking from its communist slumber in the early 1990s, Tirana's center is now unrecognizable from those grey days, with buildings painted in primary colors, and public squares and pedestrianized streets that are a pleasure to wander.

Trendy Blloku buzzes with the well-heeled and flush hanging out in bars and cafes, while the city's grand boulevards are lined with fascinating relics of its Ottoman, Italian and communist past – from delicate minarets to loud socialist murals. Add to this some excellent museums and you have a compelling list of reasons to visit. With the traffic doing daily battle with both itself and pedestrians, the city is loud, crazy, colorful and dusty, but Tirana is never dull. (Lonely Planet)

Kruja - Shkodra

This second day of your trip, hopefully you can get up early in the morning so we can start our program, we will depart to the northern of Albania, which is one of the most traditional regions in the northern of Albania.

You will drive by the center of Tirana and you will leave the city of Tirana to discover the city of Kruja which is around 40 minutes far from Tirana.

Kruja is one of the most famous small town of Albania because of the castle of Skenderbeu ( which is the National Hero of Albania). He protected Albania civilization with its patriotic army against the ottoman regime in 14 century. The town of Kruja is located on the mountain and its very interesting to discover, especial the narrow ottoman streets in the village and the oriental bazaar

Kruja is Skanderbeg's town. Yes, Albania's national hero was born here, and although it was over 500 years ago, there's still a great deal of pride in the fact that he and his forces defended Kruja from the Ottomans until his death.

From the road below, Kruja's houses appear to sit in the lap of a mountain.

An ancient castle juts out to one side, and the massive Skanderbeg Museum juts out of the castle itself. The local plaster industry is going strong so expect visibility-reducing plumes of smoke to cloud views of the Adriatic Sea. Kruja's sights can be covered in an hour or two, making this a great stop en route to elsewhere.

(Lonely Planet)

After enjoying the city of Kruja you will get in the car and depart for shkodra city which is the biggest city on the northern part of Albania. During your trip you will get to know more about the albanian History and you will have some interesting stops on the way for caff.

The trip until shkodra will be around 1 ;30 minutes.

Arrival in shkodra you will visit the Rozafa Castke which is one of the most ancient Castles in Albania, with views of Lake Shkodra and the city of Shkoder at Rozafa Castle.

The castle dates back to antiquity, founded by the Illyrians, conquered by the Romans in 167 BC, and rebuilt by both the Venetians and the Turks. Legend has it that when the castle was being built, an old man advised three brothers to sacrifice someone so that the walls would stand. The brothers decided to sacrifice whichever of their wives brought them lunch the next day and agreed not to tell their wives of the plan. However, the two older brothers informed their wives that evening, while the youngest brother did not. Thus, when the youngest brother's wife, Rozafa, brought him lunch the next day, she was chosen for sacrifice. Keep an eye out for the sculpture of Rozafa near the castle museum's entrance. You can reach the castle via town bus, taxi, or bicycle, which numerous hotels offer for rent. Plan to see Rozafa Castle and other attractions that appeal to you using our.

After enjoying the visit of the castle you will depart to the city of Shkodra and enjoy the center of this city full of history.

Shkodra, the traditional center of the Geg cultural region, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and arguably the most attractive urban centre in Albania. Its the pastel-painted buildings in the Old Town have a distinct Italian ambience.

The city is known in Albania as the 'City of Bicycles and Rain'. The bike bit is pretty obvious as the pancake-flat city is ideal for cycling (hotels rent bikes), but the rain part might confuse visitors from soggy northern Europe.

After enjoying the city center you will have your free time in the city and in the evening you will have a great and traditional dinner.

This is a short Trip From Tirana Until shkodra. Get in Touch with us if you want Full Program

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