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5 Amazing Books To Read While Traveling

Updated: Apr 5

One of my favourite things to do while traveling is reading a book! I love reading during long flights, on subways or short road trips. I've always think that people who read books on subways, on airplanes or at airports, are smart people!

Long flights can be stressful but with the right book in your hand, you can have the most enjoyable flight.

I will share with you 5 amazing books I've read while traveling abroad:

1. Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

A combination of magic, adventure, mysticism, wonder and wisdom will take you on a fairy tale world. The book in itself is a masterpiece. I started reading Alchemist during a short, road trip, on my way to the city of Durrës, Albania. This book made my summer holidays even more enjoyable and relaxing. It is brilliant, magical, powerful and inspiring.

The story will blow your mind with great lessions!

2. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.

When you are a booklover, you find yourself reading everywhere; on buses , on subways, on restaurants, cafés and parks. But, there is something magical about reading a book when you are traveling by bus. You enjoy the road even more when yo. I started The Storyteller 2 years ago when I was traveling in the city of Pogradec. I've finished this book in 5 days. The author has an interesting way of keeping her readers attached to the story.

A very good book!

3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I am a fan of classic books and The Great Gatsby is definitely one of them. I was traveling to Paris, France when I started reading this captivating book. The flight from Tirana to Paris was long so to make my flight less stressful I got this book with me. Besides the story which is a masterpiece, I love the author's style. English here is pure, easy to understand and I find many elegant and delicate phrases. You can keep small notes next to the pages.

I suggest you to read The Great Gastby it is a book for any gender!

4. All The Wrong Places by Joy Fielding

I bought this book in Berlin, Germany this year. Mystery books and crime books have never attracted me but, this one was different. I've just finished this book and I suggest reading it specially to men & women who are in dating sites and other dating applications. The book is small and you can take it everywhere you go. I suggest reading it on long flights and subways. The story is very intriguing and will keep you engaged.

You will thank me later!

5. 5O Great Short Stories by Milton Crane

No doubt that 50 Great Short Stories will keep you wake and active. This book is a collection of different stories from different authors. Read it while you are traveling, waiting for the bus station or at the airport while waiting for your flight to come. The stories are amazing and inspiring.

It will make your holidays magical!

Thank You for reading my blog!

Stay Tuned!

Posted by: Krisi Sula

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