Shkodra (Albania)

1. How to go


Located in the Northwest part of Albania, near the Montenegrin border, Shkodra (or Shkodër) is an important cultural destination in the country.  you can easily see many landmarks in the town, enjoy a few tasty bites and have outdoor adventures.

How to get there:

1. You can go in SHkodra by bus from Tirana or durres 

2. You can Go by bus From Montenegro (Potgorica , Ulqin or Budva

2. Culture Values

The capital of the Illyrian Kingdom of the Ardians,one of the oldest towns in Europe found in the 3d century B.C is known for the "Rozafa" castle, built by the Venetians in the 15th century. In the museum of the castle is the famous statue of Rozafa feeding her baby which makes more attractive the legend about he fortress.

3. What to do


First thing to do when you visit Shkodra is stooping at "Pedonale" for a nice coffee. Then walk to the gorgeous Marubi National Museum of Photography, one of the most beautiful and expressive Albanian Art gallery. Opened in 2016 Marubi is the only museum that is dedicated to the art of photography. Then visit Rozafa castle and the beautiful lake of Shkodra where you can have nice photos because of the panoramic view.

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