Vlora (Albania)

1. How to go


1. You can go in Vlora from Tirana, there are Bus lines everyday (3 hours trip).

2. You can go by the ferry from Italy (Brindisi once per week).

3. You can go in Vlora from Saranda (taking the ferry from Corfu Island)

2. Culture Values


Vlora port city, bordered by the Adriatic Sea, is a modern city (it was destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1851). It is the city where the Albanian independence from the Ottomans was proclaimed on November 28th, 1912 by Ismail Qemali. It is ranked as the third largest Albania city with about 190,000 inhabitants and is only 120 km away from Italy. It was founded in the 6th century BC under the name of Aulona. Roman rule remained Patriarchate of Rome until the 8th century AD and then moved to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It used to be a colony of the Serbs, Ottomans and Venetians. It was occupied by the Italians from 1914 to 1920 and during the Second World War from 1939 to the famous and tragic September 8, 1943 (armistice). During this war the island of Sazan, located in the Bay of Vlora, became a submarine and naval base for Italians and Germans. Vlora is also the city with the largest number of foreign tourists after Tirana.

3. What to do


In Vlora have been opened a lot of new hotels and restaurants. You can have lunch or dinner in a nice spot on the top of a hill, called "Kusbaba" from where you have a whole view of Vlora or other attractive restaurants such as "Pashai" about 10 km away from "Ujë i ftohtë" here you can have delicious Seafood. What to visit in Vlora?

-The Mouse of Muradie

-The Bronze Monument of Independence

-The museum of the town

-The museum of independence

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