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Depending on request

This tour is designed to be flexible. We would be happy to discuss with you how many days you have to set aside – whether just a few days or an entire week – and we will come up with the best plan of action while following advice from some of the most informed specialists of Albania and Europe.

Of course, the seasons are important and we will aim to make these journeys when conditions are ideal for following specific flower and plant routes. 

We can tell you that the tour will be based mostly on the lush and mountainous northern region of Albania. Here we will explore the rich natural aspects of the region. However, if you have more time to set aside, we can journey to other parts of the country.

Rather than setting an itinerary in stone here,  


This is a special kind of Program so if you are interested please send us some information that we need to know in advance

Please go at the bottom of the page for Submit, Fill your contact form with information like The Number of people that want to be a part of the group, the date departure and your address or any other info we need to know in advance. feel free to ask any question for whatever you need to know in Advance. Once we have your information we will quote the price and send it to you (the price is lower if more people are coming)

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